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Improving outcomes

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Enriching lives

Enriching Lives

Thank you for visiting the website for The Samara Trust, a multi academy trust based in Cheshire. Within these pages, I hope to give you an insight into our Trust and how we work with our schools in order to achieve our goal of providing the best education for our children. With a small central team, and experienced trustees and members, The Samara Trust works alongside our schools, supporting them as they continue to develop and grow.

On this site, you may wish to view our statutory information such as policies and financial information, stay up to day with news from our Trust in our press section or with our newsletters and find out more about joining our Trust.

George Bulman, CEO

About the Trust

The Samara Trust is a Multi Academy Trust formed of three Cheshire primary schools; Clutton C of E Primary School, Little Sutton C of E Primary School and Upton Heath C of E Primary School.

​Founded in March 2018, the vision for The Samara Trust is ‘enriching lives’, a vision that pervades all that we do across the Trust and our schools. The Samara Trust brings together a variety of different schools to work together, supporting each other to create improved outcomes for our pupils in ways that would be far more challenging if we tried to do them by ourselves. This is our ethos.

​Our mission is what guides us, we are working together to provide exciting opportunities for a fantastic future. Our values are Belief, Resilience and Respect.

Reasons schools join The Samara Trust family

Improved Outcomes

Working together as a Trust, we are enriching the lives of more children, more effectively and improving outcomes.

Celebrating distinctiveness

Just as we value the distinctiveness of each of our schools, so we celebrate the unique qualities and potential of every child.

High quality training

As part of the Trust, our schools access evidence based professional and leadership training for staff at all levels.

Shared Resources

With shared central team resources, our schools can focus on what they do best- educating and caring for our children.

Outdoor learning

One of the ways we bring our enriching lives vision to life is through our commitment to outdoor learning, providing more opportunities for children to experience the many and varied benefits of the outdoors through planned forest school sessions.

Our Schools

Whilst our Trust schools vary in their size and location; a very small, rural primary school in Clutton, a small village primary school in Little Sutton, and a large, new primary school in Upton, they also share many similarities. Our three founding primary schools are all church schools and whether large or small, they all possess that warm, friendly environment and committed staff team that enables our children to thrive.

Church schools

We welcome schools with a diversity of missions and background to join our Trust.

Our current Trust schools are all Church of England schools with strong links to churches within their parishes.

Each of our schools celebrates its Christian distinctiveness and we are fortunate to have Diocesan trustees and members involved in the strategic running of our Trust.

Our Trust member schools benefit from working with schools within the Chester Diocesan Board of Education.

Central Services

The education sector has changed significantly over the last decade and schools have adapted accordingly.

In the Samara Trust we try to address the ever-growing demands upon schools by giving them the chance to be part of a bigger family, working together and learning from one another.

Centralised services and buying relieve some of the pressures and help to meet the challenges faced by schools today.