Central team

One of the benefits of The Samara Trust for our schools is a central team with a skill set that enables the efficient operation of each school, including strategic direction, finance and facilities management.

Paula Conlin, Chief Executive Officer.

As an experienced education professional, Paula was instrumental in the founding of The Samara Trust whilst headteacher of Upton Heath C of E Primary School. Paula is responsible for the strategic vision of the Trust, and its growth and development, providing leadership across our Trust schools to enable the best outcomes for the pupils and communities that we serve.

Helen Studley, Chief Financial Officer.

As part of the original founding team for The Samara Trust, Helen is responsible for the financial management of the schools in the Trust and their administrative functions.

James Oakes. Facilities Manager.

Previously the business manager for Upton Heath C of E Primary School, James joined The Samara Trust on its formation in March 2018 and is responsible for premises management and health & safety across the Trust’s estate.